Our simple guide to candidates entering the jobs market.

  1. Utilising various job search platforms to widening your job search net. e.g. Linkedin, CW jobs, Reed
  2. Keep your CV up to date including what your current and previous jobs entailed, what you worked on, types of technology, processes, and achievements
  3. Try to join groups/community of like-minded people within your career field. You can learn more and find out in-depth information just by having conversations with people you have never met before.
  4. keep your Linkedin profile up to date as this is a window into your career for potential employers to see
  5. Networking events – London Tech week where you meet leaders of innovative businesses, fellow colleagues within your field and be at the forefront of new information being released
  6. Meeting with Technology specialist recruiters gives you a chance to have an in-depth conversation about not just the current jobs available but also about market trends, technologies in demand and further insight into the tech world due to us having conversations with various CTO’s and Tech Leaders from different sectors
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