Our Gold Standard Clients

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What does it take to be a Gold Standard Employer?

How many roles they partner with Qubit on?

How much money they spend with Qubit?

How commercially attractive the terms are with Qubit?

How big the client is and how well known their brand is?

Might it surprise you to know it’s none of the above? Watch our short video below about why we cherish these employers and unequivocally recommend them to our candidates first and foremost.

Gold Standard Client 1

We’re an agile, experienced and diverse team of analysts, strategists and consultants. We help to deliver real, sustainable and lasting change. We do it by aligning design thinking and data, art and science, intuition and analysis – putting people at the heart of everything we do. To help maximise value, we bring the human touch, as our experience and deep knowledge of best practice.

Gold Standard Client 2

ieso is the UK’s leading digital mental healthcare and therapeutics business. It is addressing the global mental health crisis by developing clinically evidenced assessment and treatment products that enable everyone with a common mental health condition to recover. ieso uses technology and data science to better understand, prevent, detect, and treat mental health conditions. Its core product offers AI-powered, therapist-delivered, digital cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Gold Standard Client 3

Educatis Group is the world’s largest organization dedicated to high school programs for international students. We partner directly with high schools in 15 countries to help students find the perfect program. We assist foreign students through the electronic enrolment platform, and our experienced staff takes care of students during their stay. Our Service promise ensures that international and exchange students can be confident that they receive caring support in every program.