When recruiting speed is of the essence

In a market where good candidates are in short supply one thing your organisation can do to ensure you win the battle for talent is to conduct a well managed efficient recruitment process. Many clients have come to us having missed out on excellent candidates because their interview process was just too long. Currently strong candidates will likely have more than one organisation to consider and once roles are offered a significant part of the decision making process will be how did they feel about the interview process. A smooth and timely process will make a candidate feel waned and confident that you believe them to be the best candidate. It also demonstrates that the role is  important.  A long, drawn out interview processes may leave a candidate wondering if the potential employer really wants them and gives other organisations the opportunity to steel a march get their offer in first.

Slow processes leads to, candidates withdrawing their interest,  rejected offers and time wasted.

10 things to consider:

  1. Know when you want to interview candidates. Have diaries blocked out for each stage before you start considering CV’s
  2. Don’t leave big gaps between interview stages – momentum is key
  3. Make sure the interviewers are relevant – don’t include people for the sake of it.
  4. Do they really need to do a presentation? If yes how relevant is topic you are asking them to present?
  5. Ensure that roles are signed off internally so you can offer as soon a decision is made
  6. Give feedback quickly – if you like a candidate make sure they know
  7. Be flexible – if you need see someone outside of office hours do
  8. Utilise technology – if you need to incorporate  Teams / Zoom do that too
  9. Don’t wait for a comparison – if you like a candidate make an offer –  “bird in the hand”.
  10. Get offer letters and contracts out to potential employees as soon as you can
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